The Grade 4s went on their first overnight camping experience to Camp Nelu in Bela Bela. The children spent three action-packed days completing plenty of vigorous challenges. They kicked off day 1 with an exhilarating muddy obstacle course that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Ms Schultz was an absolute legend to join in! They finished off the day with activities such as hiking, bush craft, survival skills and stalking the lantern. Day 2 activities included drumming, archery, swimming and various team challenges. The day ended with a campfire extravaganza where they created war cries, sang songs and roasted marshmallows. Day 3 included a fascinating predator park walk where they saw lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, hyenas and wild dogs. The children were in awe and enjoyed being waved off by a dancing ostrich! Needless to say, camp was a huge success!