Curriculum Overview

Cambridge International School in Midrand

Carlswald House Preparatory School is a proud member of Cambridge Assessment International Education – A Cambridge International School

CHP is a Values-Based School and we continually strive to create a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops social and relationship skills, focusing on the development of internationally accepted values such as Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.

Our Senior Preparatory incorporates Grades Four to Seven and is the beginning of a more formalised education. The Grade Four children are introduced to cycle tests and assessment marks for the first time.

Our programme is holistic and covers a wide range of subjects incl; Mathematics, English, isiZulu, Afrikaans, Science, Social Science (History and Geography), Global Perspectives, Physical Education, Music, Art and ICT (Information, Communication Technology).

The Grade Four children learn both additional languages; Afrikaans and isiZulu, while the Grade Five to Seven children choose one language to specialise in. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum and iPads are available for children to use at school. iPads are used in the classrooms for research, creating animated movies, flipped classroom activities and reinforcing other important skills.

Although subjects are taught separately, our curriculum is integrated, with particular emphasis on critical-thinking and problem-solving. Our teachers are continually trained in cutting-edge teaching techniques and our curriculum is revised regularly, ensuring that it is relevant at all times.

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    Our Grade Four children complete a Self Portrait assessment through a company called Retrain. The children’s profile results provide teachers with insight into each child’s personality, style of processing of information, natural skills and abilities, and preferred learning environment. This allows for a more personalised learning experience where the children’s individual needs can be met.

    Our assessment process is continuous, which means the children’s work is assessed to ensure concepts and more importantly, skills are understood and applied in a variety of different ways. Based on the assessment results the learners are also able to better plan and manage their learning. It allows teachers to modify their teaching to consider learners strengths and identify their needs. Children are also exposed to a number of formal assessment tasks, such as Cycle Tests, year-end Examinations and National and International Benchmarking Assessments.

    We have a unique awards and recognition system in place and our pupils receive recognition for their academic achievements at our annual “Celebration of Me” ceremony at the end of the year. During this ceremony, we not only recognise top achievers but we award every child with a personalised award as a memory of their personal effort, progress and achievement during the year.

    Our curriculum also extends beyond the boundaries of our school when our children experience the joys of overnight camps. The overnight camps contribute to our holistic education where they further develop skills such as independence and leadership.

    Every day is open day.