Carlswald CougarsThe largest department at Carlswald House Preparatory School covering Grades 1-7, the Sports Department, has grown from strength to strength and continues to do so. Not only are we able to offer at least two, or even three teams per age group for any given sport, but we are also becoming a force to be reckoned with in terms of competition and results. Our philosophy of “Participative Excellence” encourages participation but is also geared toward learners maximising their personal potential.

Driven by a dedicated and professional coaching staff, our learners are exposed to cutting-edge coaching practice as well as fully fixtured sports in both the Summer and Winter seasons.

The sports on offer include:


Softball, Cricket, Tennis and Pom-Pom Cheerleading


Soccer, Netball, Hockey and Pom-Pom Cheerleading

In an effort to increase our learner’s physical education footprint, it is compulsory for our learners to participate in Summer and Winter sports offerings. This is in no way geared toward creating super stars, but merely to provide them with an extra 2 hours of physical activity per week. Something EVERY learner, regardless of their level of fitness, desperately needs.

In 2016, we adopted the Cougar as our official school mascot and the Carlswald Cougars were born! This majestic animal was chosen due to its resilience, persistence, natural movement and care… all attributes we try to instil in our young sportsmen and women.

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