CHP Senior Prep UniformCarlswald House Preparatory School is proud of the way our children present themselves and their appearance should always be of the highest standard. All children should be proud of their school and correctly dressed at all times.

The CHP uniform is modern, functional and comfortable for the children to wear. The children experience a sense of belonging when wearing their uniform, and as a school, we strive to encourage all to wear it with pride.

Please note that children are expected to start each half term with a haircut. Boys’ hair should be kept neat and short, and girls’ hair must be tied up, away from the collar and out of the eyes.

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Carlswald House school uniforms are available from the school Uniform Shop.


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    Grade 4 – 7

    Summer Uniform

    The Summer school uniform requirements are:

    • CHP blue blazer
    • White short – sleeved collared shirt with CHP badge
    • Girls – tartan skirt
    • Boys – navy formal shorts
    • CHP Jersey
    • Girls – white ankle socks
    • Boys – CHP long navy school socks
    • Black school shoes
    • CHP navy cap

    Winter Uniform

    The Winter school uniform requirements are as follows:

    • CHP Blazer
    • Plain white collared long -sleeve shirt
    • Girls – tartan skirt
    • Boys – long navy formal pants
    • Navy jersey with CHP badge
    • Girls – navy tights or long navy CHP socks
    • Boys – long navy CHP socks
    • Navy gloves, scarf, beanie
    • Black school shoes
    • CHP school tie (boys and girls)

    Depending on the Sport House your child is in, they may wear:

    Summer Sports / PE Uniform

    • Red or Green short-sleeved golf shirt with CHP badge
    • Navy sports shorts
    • White ankle socks
    • White trainers

    Winter Sports / PE Uniform

    • Red or Green long-sleeved golf shirt with CHP badge
    • CHP tracksuit
    • White ankle socks
    • White trainers

    The school uniform showcases the school, when it is worn in public. We require that the children wear
    their uniform with pride.

    • Girls may only wear Red, Navy or White hair accessories.
    • The full tracksuit (jacket and pants) must be worn in public, with the jacket zipped up.
    • Long-sleeved vests may be worn in winter.
    • If children are staying at the Aftercare Facility after school, they may bring a change of clothing.
    • All clothing must be marked with your child’s First Name and Surname.
    • Girls with long hair must wear it tied up.
    • No jewellery may be worn. Earrings are a standard gold or silver stud or sleeper.
    • Please ensure that you buy the correct colour shirt (Red or Green) as this depicts the house that your child is in.

    Every day is open day.