Junior Preparatory Curriculum

The Junior Preparatory at Carlswald House Preparatory is comprised of Grade R – 3

The focus of the Junior Preparatory is on the child as an individual.  There is a reason that this particular phase is called “the Foundation Phase”. It is because this is where our children are given a solid foundation on which to build their careers as life-long learners. CHP is a place where a team of caring, nurturing teachers assist and facilitate your child’s development. Our classroom numbers are small with only 2 classes per grade, making it a very intimate setting where children can reach their individual potential.

At CHP we follow the Cambridge International Curriculum. The subjects taught are Mathematics, English, Science, IT, Global Perspectives, Physical Education, Music and Media/Library. isiZulu and Afrikaans are both taught as First Additional languages. The children are introduced to isiZulu and Afrikaans from Grade R with the focus being on listening and speaking.  We make use of the THRASS (Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills)programme to teach reading, writing and spelling. Thinking Skills are integrated across all subjects ensuring that our children are 21st Century learners. Our teachers receive continuous development and training, ensuring that the classroom is an exciting and engaging place to be, and allowing both the children and the teachers to remain motivated and inspired. We integrate technology in our lessons through the use of iPads and all our classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art interactive Smart Boards. Out teachers are also all certified Apple teachers.

Our classrooms are set up to allow for flexible seating. Children can choose from a variety of different desks and seating options. This ensures the children make wise choices that allow for optimal learning in an environment where they are comfortable.

The Junior Phase utilizes a variety of continuous assessment methods to accurately assess the strengths and weakness of each individual child. Various reading intervention programmes such as RAVE-O and others are integrated to help to improve a child’s reading ability and to help the child develop a love for reading.

We also work closely with various therapy centres for children who may require additional support.

The Junior Preparatory children look forward to the weekly “Star of The Week” award where individual children receive recognition for any accomplishments in the week prior. We also run a recognition and reward system which assists to intrinsically motivate the children.

Our professional, passionate teachers aim to engage the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the child. We strive to develop children who are confident, independent, creative and able to think independently. At CHP your child will develop a love for learning.