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NOTICES   7th – 11th December 2020

It is the final week of the 2020 school year… Wow!! This year has been a crazy year at CHP and around the world, but we all Survived. Hopefully 2021 is going to bring back the normality that we are all used to.  We would like to wish all our special CHP families a very happy and restful holiday.  If you are travelling, please be safe and take care.

JANUARY 2021: School re-opens on Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7:00am.


School Fees

Please note that ALL OUTSTANDING SCHOOL FEES must be paid and settled by the end of the year. Families with outstanding fee accounts will not be allowed to commence the 2021 school year.


Last day of school Wednesday 9th December. School will close at 11:00am and the school will close down at 11:30am. ALL CHILDREN must be collected.

There will be NO supervision after 11:30am.


What’s New….?

  • Grade 1-7 Co-Curricular: The Co-curricular programme has ended. School will end at 1:30pm.  Children will be signed into aftercare if they are not collected by 2:00pm.


  • End of year Class Parties: Gr 1-7: Class Parties will take place from 09h00 on Wednesday the 9th December with the following guidelines:
  • Learners are to bring their own party packs to school. These must be in the form of sealed snacks such as chips, sweets, and drinks. Learners are NOT permitted to share any food or drink.
  • Each class will be designated an area in which to have their class party.
  • Physical distancing will be strictly enforced and monitored.
  • Class Parents may be in contact about using the remaining Class TLC Fund to purchase snacks for the class. This will also be strictly monitored.


  • Stationery Requirements 2021: Parents, the stationery lists for 2021 were emailed on Monday 23rd We have partnered with Forms Media to help you with your child’s stationery pack. They have reserved the best prices for CHP.  You purchase your stationery pack online and it will be delivered to school on Friday 8th January 2021. Parents can collect the stationery from school on Monday 11th January 2021 and Tuesday 12th January 2021.  Follow the detailed instructions on how to do the online purchase.  Stationery packs will only be delivered with full payment.  Proof of payment must be sent to the emails provided on the letter.

You may also purchase your child’s stationary at Walton’s, Makro or any other stationery supplier should you wish.


  • Very Important: Please take note of the following: When you receive emails from the ED-Admin email, please Do Not reply to this email.  Mails sent from Ed Admin are system generated emails.  Please direct all your emails to , , or the relevant person (all email addresses are on the website)



  • Uniform Shop: To purchase uniform for 2021, the uniform shop is currently open daily between 7:30am- 12:00pm.


  • January 2021 – the uniform shop will open on as follows:
  • Thursday 7th January 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Friday 8th January 7:30am-10:00am
  • Monday 11th January 7:30am-12:00pm
  • Tuesday 12th January 7:30am-12:00pm



  • Giving Notice (Grade R-6): If your child is leaving CHP, please note we require a full term’s notice. If we do not receive a terms notice, you will be billed a term’s fees.

Notice may now only be given for end of the First Term 2021.




  • Hair – Boys: Parents please ensure that your son’s hair is short, neat, clean and tidy.

No fashion hairstyles such as Mohawks, comb-overs, shave lines etc. are permitted.


  • Hair – Girls: Parents please ensure that your daughter’s hair is tied back, neat, clean, and tidy. Hair accessories need to be Black, White, Red or Blue.
  • Covid 19 Screening stations – Parents please note: Gr 3-7 children must be dropped off at the CHP drop-off zone and children must proceed to the Music Hall for their Covid 19 screening.  Gr R-2 children must be dropped off at the reception area for their Covid 19 screening.  All children must be screened before they go to their class.  If Gr R-2 children are being dropped off before 7:00am, they must be dropped at the music hall.  The screening at reception opens at 7:00am.  All children MUST be wearing a mask on arrival.


  • Aftercare: School closes every day at 1:30pm.  Aftercare runs from 2:00pm until 5:30pm and includes an additional snack.  Aftercare costs R990 per month.  Adhoc aftercare is R100 per day.  A penalty fee of R150-00 will apply for late collection of children after 17h30 and R250 for collection after 18h00. If you would like to enrol your child into aftercare, please email Karen Visser:


  • Lunch Programme:  The Lunch Programme is operational.  The children are really enjoying the snack and revised lunch menu that they are enjoying daily.  Lunch is optional for all Grade 1-7 learners.  You can choose the lunch programme at an extra charge of R855-00 per month or you may pack your child’s own lunch.  Please email Karen Visser if you would like your child to be fed at school.


  • Gr 1-7: If your child is not on the school lunch programme and you are packing their own lunch, please ensure that you pack enough lunch for your child. They will require a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. NO sweets/ takeaways or fizzy drinks are allowed.



  • 345 Swim School: 345 Swim school is now open for CHP children Gr R-7. Limited spaces are available; first come, first served.  Please email Anissa  if you would like to join the swim school.


  • Uniform: Summer uniform must be worn to school.  Parents please ensure that your child is wearing the correct Summer uniform and that it is labelled!


If you would like to change your payment options for 2021 please email Karen Visser


Please Note: If we do not receive any notification, your payment structure will remain as you are currently paying.


  • Accounts:  Please note:  If we do not receive payment by the 7th of the month, a late fee penalty of R500 will be charged to your account if no prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Karen Visser if you have any queries:

Please ensure you have completed the Debit Order permission form.



  • Very Important: Please take note of the following: When you receive emails from the ED-Admin email, please Do Not reply to this email.  Mails sent from Ed Admin are system generated emails.  Please direct all your emails to , , or the relevant person (all email addresses are on the website)



  • Opening Times: Please note that no children may be dropped off before 6:30am. The gates will remain closed.


  • Smart Watches: VERY IMPORTANT! Please note that your child’s smart watch may NOT be used as a communication device at all during the day. The school will also not be held responsible or liable if a smart watch is lost at school.


Dates to Diarise:

  • Wednesday 9th December: School closes at 11:00am (ALL children collected by 11:30. No Aftercare on that day)
  • Tuesday 12th January 2021– Meet and Greet Orientation morning- 7:30am-9:30am
  • Wednesday 13th January 2021– School Re-opens 7:30am