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NOTICES 6th – 9th April 2021

Dear Parents, welcome back after a restful long weekend!

We are currently still under Level 1 Lockdown, so it is important that we remain vigilant in all areas of life and not allow complacency to creep in.  The following protocols must still be followed:

  • Absolute transparency regarding possible contact at work or at home, informing the school immediately. 
  • Strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols by pupils, parents, and guardians.
  • Parents are not permitted to walk through the school. Please report to reception.
  • Parents are not permitted to drop off books, lunch, water bottles etc. for their children. Children must pack their bags responsibly.

Your co-operation will be appreciated. We are determined to do everything in our power to keep your children safe.

Please Take Note…

  • Outreach Programme: The last 12 months has been a challenging time for so many as we have faced and dealt with the many results and implications of Covid-19 across our country and throughout the world. There is no doubt in any of our minds about the incredible job that our frontline medical workers have done. We would like to send a small token of thanks to the medical staff at one of our local hospitals to convey our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to ensure our community receives the best care possible.  It is with this in mind that we request that each child bring in a small chocolate or Easter egg that we can attach to a thank you letter to be delivered to the hospital and handed out to the staff there.   The children may hand the chocolates/sweets to their class teacher on or before 12 April 2021 so that we can deliver them before the holidays.  As a school, let us show how much we appreciate the hard work our frontline workers have put in.


  • End of Term 1: School closes on Wednesday 14th April at 11:00am. Please make the necessary transport arrangements to fetch your child at 11:00am.  Aftercare continues as usual on that afternoon. School re-opens for Term 2 on Wednesday 5th May at 7:00am.


  • Co-Curricular: Please Note: There will be NO Co-Curricular next week Monday 12/03 and Tuesday 13/03.  School will close at 1:30pm.  Aftercare will continue as usual.



  • Winter Uniform: All children from GR R – 7 will start wearing their Winter uniform when school opens for Term 2, on Wednesday 5th    Please see your child’s diary for the correct winter uniform requirements or click on the link to view the uniform requirements.


  • Vehicle Security Sticker: Parents, please ensure that you all have a 345/CHP sticker on your windscreen. If you do not have a sticker, please collect from Sylvester at the security. Each family may receive 2 stickers. Should you need more, they may be purchased from Leressa for R50.


  • Aftercare: Reminder that children waiting in Aftercare for their siblings to complete their co-curricular activities will be signed into Aftercare and you will be billed as the children are being supervised during this time.


  • 345 Swim School – April, May, June, and July: Parents, please remember that 345 Swim School remains open and operational during April, May, June and July. We have made some changes to our heating system to try to ensure that the water temperature remains constant during Winter. We encourage you to allow your children to swim throughout the Winter season.  If you do not want them to swim, please ensure that you give the Swim School 1 months’ notice when cancelling.


  • 345 Swim School- April Holidays: Parents the 345 swim school will be open during the April holidays. If you child will not be swimming during the April holidays, please email Anissa  If we do not receive any communication, you will be billed for the lessons during the April holidays.


  • Accounts: Please ensure all fees are paid on or before the 7th of the month.   Please note:  If we do not receive your payment by the 7th of the month, a late fee penalty of R500 will be charged to your account if no prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Karen Visser if you have any queries:
  • Please ensure you have completed the Debit Order permission form.


  • Co-curricular: Up and running! A reminder that co-curricular starts at 2:00pm and ends at 3:00pm.  If your child is not collected by 3:15pm they will be signed into aftercare.  All queries regarding the co-curricular programme as well as the Grade 1 and 2 Integrated Day, must be directed to our Head of Sport, Mr Anthony Lord:


  • TERMS NOTICE: Parents as per the school policies and procedures we require a term notice if you are not returning to CHP. We will require the notice on or before the 3rd May 2021 if you are leaving at the end of the second term.



  • Collection Cards Gr R-2: Collection cards were handed out to all Gr R – Gr 2 children. Parents, please ensure you show the collection card when collecting your child in the afternoons.


  •  VERY IMPORTANT: Parents, please ensure that you call the office or email to inform the school if there is anyone else other yourself fetching your child. We require the name, surname, ID number and telephone number of the person.  This also applies if your child will be going on transport. They MUST also display a Collection Card.


  • Covid 19 Screening stations – Parents please note: Gr 3-7 children must be dropped off at the CHP drop-off zone and children must proceed to the Music Hall for their Covid-19 screening.  Gr R-2 children must be dropped off at reception area for their Covid-19 screening.  All children must be screened before they go to their class.  If Gr R-2 children are being dropped off before 7:00am, they must be dropped at the Music hall.  The screening at reception opens at 7:00am.  All children MUST be wearing a mask on arrival.


  • Opening Times: Parents, no child may be brought to school or dropped off before 6:30am! The gates will remain closed.


  • Uniform: Summer uniform must be worn to school.  Parents, please ensure that your child is wearing the correct Summer uniform and that it is labelled! Please click on the link to view the correct uniform requirements.


  • Please mark and label all clothing. If your child brings home someone else’s uniform, please return to the office or class teacher.  Teach your child to be responsible for their own property.  The lost property box is in the aftercare center at CHP.  Please check this regularly.


  • Aftercare: School closes every day at 1:30pm.  Aftercare runs from 2:00pm until 5:30pm and includes an additional snack.  Aftercare costs R1000 per month.  Adhoc aftercare is R150 per day.  A penalty fee of R200-00 will apply for late collection of children after 17h30 and R350 for collection after 18h00. If you would like to enrol your child into aftercare, please email Karen Visser:


  • Hair – Boys: Parents, please ensure that your son’s hair is short, neat, clean and tidy. No fashion hairstyles such as Mohawks, comb-overs, shave lines etc are permitted.
  • Hair – Girls: Parents, please ensure that your daughter’s hair is tied back, neat, clean and tidy. Hair accessories need to be Black, White, Red or Blue



  • Lunch Programme:  The Lunch Programme is operational.  The children are really enjoying the snack and revised lunch menu that they are enjoying daily.  Lunch is optional for all Grade 1-7 learners.  You can choose the lunch programme at an extra charge of R900-00 per month or you may pack your child’s own lunch.  Please email Karen Visser if you would like your child to be fed at school.


  • Gr 1-7: If your child is not on the school lunch programme and you are packing their own lunch, please ensure that you pack enough lunch for your child. They will require a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. NO sweets/ takeaways or fizzy drinks are allowed. *WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL – PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ANY PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN NUTS


  • Smart Watches: VERY IMPORTANT! Please note that your child’s smart watch may NOT be used as a communication device at all during the day. The school will also not be held responsible or liable if a smart watch is lost at school.


  • School Uniform Shop: Please note the school uniform shop opening times. The shop will not be open at any other times. Winter Uniform Now in stock!
  • Uniform Shop Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 09h00-12h00




Dates to Diarise:

End of Term 1: School closes Wednesday 14th April at 11:00am.  Aftercare continues as usual on that day .  School re-opens on Wednesday 5th May at 7:00am

Mother’s Day: Sunday 9th May

Book Week: 10th – 14th May. More details will be sent out closer to the time