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NOTICES  29th July – 2nd August 2019


CONGRATULATIONS to ORION HOUSE on winning the 2019 Sports Day!

Thank you to all the parents and family members for your wonderful support at our Sports Day.


Winter continues so please ensure your children are dressed warmly and wearing the correct school uniform.

Parents, if your child is sick, please keep them at home to get better properly and then return to school.


What’s New….?

  • Doughnut and Popcorn Day: Grade 2 and Grade 3 are hosting Doughnut and Popcorn Day on Friday 2nd  Delicious doughnuts and popcorn will be on sale for all 345 and CHP children.


  • End of Winter Term Celebration: We will be hosting a Pyjama Day on the 8th of August to celebrate the end of the winter term and welcome the August Holidays. Children will be allowed to wear their pyjamas and slippers to school. The cost will be R20 per child and they will receive a cup of hot chocolate and a cup cake.  Letters will be sent out closer to the time.


  • End of Term 2: School closes on Thursday 8th August at 11:00am. Aftercare will continue as usual on that day.  Please ensure you make the necessary transport arrangements.


  • Parents Please Note: There will be NO Holiday Care during the August holidays for Grade 1-7 children.


  • Start of Term 3: School re-opens on Monday 9th September at 7:00am.


  • 345 Swim School: The Swim School will be officially closed during the August holidays. However, if you want your child to continue with swimming lessons please contact Mary directly at


  • Summer Uniform: Gr R-7 All children to wear Summer uniform from Monday 9th  September.  Please ensure you have the correct uniform. (See Uniform Shop opening times below)


  • Terms Notice: Grade R-6 If your child is not returning in 2020, please note we require a full terms notice. If we do not receive a terms notice, you will be billed a terms fees.  The terms notice must be given in writing by the 9th  September 2019.


Please Note: If we do not receive any notification, your payment structure will remain as you are currently paying.


  • Accounts:  All statements for August have been emailed.  Please check your email inboxes as well as your Spam and Junk mail.   Please ensure all fees are paid on or before the 7th of the month.   Please note:  If we do not receive your payment by the 7th of the month, a late fee penalty of R500 will be charged to your account if no prior payment arrangement has been made.   Please email Karen Visser if you have any queries:

Please ensure you have completed the Debit Order permission form.



  • Winter Menu: Gr 1-7 Parents please click on link to see our New and Improved Winter Menu.

  • Please mark and label all your childs clothing. If your child brings home someone elses uniform, please return to the office or class teacher.  Teach your child to be responsible for his or her own property.  The lost property box is in the aftercare center at CHP.  Please check the lost property regularly


  • Winter uniform: Please ensure your children are wearing the correct winter uniform.  The children are only allowed to wear navy blue beanies and gloves

Junior Prep Gr R – 3: The school track suit, long sleeved white shirt and the long-sleeved coloured house shirt for sport.

Senior Prep Gr 4 – 7: Long sleeve collared white shirt (boys and girls), CHP school tie (boys and girls), Fleece or Jersey. Girls – tartan skirts with long CHP socks or woollen navy-blue tights.                                                                        Boys – long navy chino pants.  Parents please ensure your child is wearing the correct winter uniform. The tracksuit is for PE and Sport ONLY


  • 345 Swim School – July: Parents please remember that 345 Swim School remains open and operational during July. We have made some changes to our heating system to try and ensure that the water temperature remains constant during Winter. We encourage you to allow your children to swim throughout the Winter season.

If you do not want them to swim, please ensure that you give the Swim School 1 months’ notice when cancelling.



  • Lunch Programme:  The children are really enjoying the snack and revised lunch menu that they are receiving daily.  Lunch is optional for all Grade 1-7 learners.  You can choose the lunch programme at an extra charge of R750-00 per month or you may pack your child’s own lunch.  Please email Karen Visser if you would like your child to be fed at school.


  • Gr 1-7: Parents if your child is not on the school lunch programme and you are packing their own lunch, please ensure that you pack enough lunch for your child. They will require a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. NO sweets or fizzy drinks please!


  • Opening Times: Parents, no child may be brought to school or dropped off before 6:30am! The gates will remain closed.


  • Smart Watches: VERY IMPORTANT: Parents please note your child’s smart watch may NOT be used as a communication device at all during the day.    They may not be a distraction to the child or the class.  The school will also not be held responsible or liable if a smart watch is lost at school.


  • 345 Swim School: 345 Swim School: If you would like to enrol your child for swimming please email Karen Visser:


  • School Uniform Shop: Parents these are the times the uniform shop will be open. Please take note of the days and times.  The shop will not be open at any other times.

Normal Shop Hours:

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday: 07h30 to 09h30

Tuesdays: 07h30 to 08h30 & 12h00 to 15h00

  • Aftercare: Aftercare operates from the close of day after co-curricular and supervised homework (15h00) until 17h30 and includes additional snacks. A penalty fee of R100-00 will apply for late collection of children after 17h30 and R200 for collection after 18h00.  If you would like to enrol your child into aftercare, please email Karen Visser:


  • Homework: Parents please note homework is only scheduled for 1 hour during homework time. Homework is supervised by the teachers.  If your child does not finish their homework in the time frame, they must complete their homework at home.


 Dates to Diarise:

  • Friday 2nd August: Gr 2 and Gr 3 hosting Doughnut and Popcorn day
  • Thursday 8th August: Pyjama Day – Letters will go out with more details
  • Thursday 8th August: End of Term 2, school closes at 11:00am. Aftercare continues as usual. NO Holiday Care during August
  • Monday 9th September: Start of Term 3, school re-opens at 7:00am.