Headmaster’s Introduction

Dear 345 and CHP families

Welcome to 2021!

We certainly hope this year will be a positive and exciting year for everyone and I wish you all the very best.

It’s unfortunate that we have had to start our year off on the back of the second wave of COVID infections. This wave has been more aggressive than the previous one and many more people have been affected by it. Sadly we lost one of our moms to COVID at the very beginning of this year and we send our deepest condolences to this family; a dad and two little boys that have been left behind. Our thoughts and prayers are with you dear ones.

I would like to welcome our new staff to CHP this year. Ms Jessica Brand joins us in Grade 2, Mrs Jayde Tocker joins us in Grade 6, Mrs Ruth Buck joins us in the Music Department and Mr Rudolph Venter joins the Sports Department.

Mrs Johnson takes over the role of HOD of the Junior Prep. A warm welcome to you all.

We are very happy that both 345 Nursery Schools are able to open as per government direction and our children are happily and safely settling into the new year.

Our CHP children commenced their Digital Learning Programme this week and it is full steam ahead with Online Learning for the next 2 weeks. The staff were thoroughly prepared for the online programme and they will be ensuring that there will be no academic time lost before we are able to return for face to face teaching in February.

During December and early January, our Grounds team worked exceptionally hard to ensure that our campuses were ready for a new start this year and our grounds continue to look amazing! We have also just finished installing a new, state of the art, full height electric fence linked to our armed response, around our Carlswald Campus which we know will keep our children, staff and facilities safe during these challenging times.

Finally, I would, once again, like to reassure you all that the health and safety of your children at 345 and CHP is our number one priority. We have reviewed all our COVID-19 protocols and we are confident that everything humanly possible is being done and is in place to keep our children and staff safe. Our other priority continues to be the education of our children at 345 and CHP. In spite of the disruptions and challenges, we will continue to ensure that they receive the very best that we have to offer and that there will be nothing missed or left out of their education this year. The teaching staff are super excited about this year and you will already have witnessed in both the classroom and online the enthusiasm and passion that is the epitome of a 345 and CHP teacher.

Folks, enjoy the year with us.

It promises to be an exciting and challenging one but we will face the year together, as a family and we will grow and succeed once again.

All the best!

Kind regards

Stewart Tagg


Stewart Tagg
Carlswald House Preparatory and
345 Nursery School Headmaster

345 Nursery school continues to grow this year. Our focus, as always, is that children learn while having fun. With our structured curriculum that focuses on developing the children’s growth milestones, we always ensure that the children are learning through play. They spend much time outside on the jungle gyms, playing in the sand pits, climbing, painting and getting dirty. Time in the classrooms is spent learning, drawing, painting, colouring in and singing, all of which ensure a fun day at school. The sounds of laughter and happiness are continuous and our little ones are sad to leave at the end of the day.

CHP have a very exciting year to look forward to, particularly because as of January 16th 2020 Carlswald House Prep is officially a Cambridge International School.

Why did we decide to join Cambridge? As a school, we want to ensure that our curriculum is robust, cutting edge and truly 21st century, focusing on the development of skills, critical thinking and creativity. These skills are then applied while learning content that is relevant, current and fun!

What does this mean for our children? It means that your child will receive and enjoy the very best education available. They will be thoroughly prepared for their high school careers and will have the strongest foundation on which to build and develop their lives as they enter a world that is challenging and uncertain.

This year we also continue to focus on Retrain, which was a programme we embarked on last year to profile all our learners to ascertain their preferred and effective learning styles. This enables the teachers to tailor their teaching methods to suit the children, ensuring their learning is more effective and personal. Last year was very successful and the children have become more aware of their own learning style allowing them to take personal responsibility for their education. Along with this programme we continue to place great emphasis on the development of Thinking Skills and the integration of Technology, including coding.

As a school, we opened a second Grade R class this year which is very exciting. We also welcomed our third group of Grade 7s. It’s hard to believe that they have grown so fast and are now the seniors of the school. In a few short months they will be ready to leave us and take on the world of high school and they will be prepared in every way! We continue to enjoy positive relationships with Beaulieu College, St Peters College, Pinnacle Kyalami and Curro Midrand. All our Grade 7 children last year where accepted to their first choice of high school and they are doing exceptionally well.

I would like to thank all our special parents for their continued support and for making the right decision to bring their children to 345 and CHP. We are fortunate to have amazing, dedicated and passionate teachers who put the interests of our children first.

I wish you all a wonderful 2020.

All the best!

Stewart Tagg
Headmaster: 345 and CHP